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Its Not Easy For the Second Gen Leaders

Heirs from influential families entering politics, films and business is a common phenomenon in our country and the situation is similar in our Telugu states as well.  While speaking about the family heritage aspect KCR son, Telangana IT Minister

gave in interesting insight.   He said that it is not easy to succeed just because one has a strong family background as everybody thinks.  Whether it is politics or business, one will have an edge in the initial phase if he has a family backup.  But it will not ensure success in the respective field.

KTR attended CREDAI Youth Con-2018 along with former Jammu & Kashmir CM Omar Abdulla, Congress leader Sachin Pilot. They have unveiled The Youth Barometer report on this occasion.  While speaking at the conclave, he said that people coming from influential families will have an advantage over others.. even the enemies will respect them.  But it will not ensure long-term success unless one has a fire in their belly to succeed.

తప్పకుండా షేర్ చేయగలరు....