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Nani Loses Patience, Hits Back At Sri Reddy!

Film Celebrities with clean image have always been the soft target of Sri Reddy for some reason. She kept mum after Sekhar Kammula threatened legal action. Stopped talking about Koratala Siva after the filmmaker explained how much he respects women. Made a fool of herself after using cuss word on Pawan Kalyan for publicity. Still, She continued the non-sense talk despite lack of any substantial evidence to prove her allegations.

In a recent interview, Sri Reddy accused Nani of sexually exploiting her promising film offers and playing politics to ensure her ouster from Bigg Boss. This time, Our Natural Star decided to prove that even ‘Patience has a limit’.

Disturbed by the allegations that malign his image, Nani filed defamation case against Sri Reddy – ‘I am not going to join the filth by reacting. I am not going to give them what they want. The fact that someone could randomly pick up names who are soft targets and spread such absolutely baseless nonsense and think that they can actually get away with it, disturbs me! I am not worried about me, I’m worried for us and the society we live in’.

Finally, Nani concluded his reaction saying this will be the last time he would comment on this issue.

తప్పకుండా షేర్ చేయగలరు....