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Basmati Blues Lakshmi Bomb

Basmati Blues Lakshmi Bomb

Mohan Babu daughter Manchu Lakshmi is very popular among the Telugu audience.  She tried her hands at acting, hosting TV shows, film production etc.  She even appeared in Hollywood films and TV series as well.  She is one of the few Telugu actors to feature in Hollywood films.

She acted in a Hollywood film after a brief gap now.  Titled ‘Basmati Blues’, the movie has an interesting storyline.  A brilliant scientist working in a lab in abroad is sent to India to sell the genetically modified rice she created, but what she doesn’t realize is that it will destroy the very farmers she thinks she’s helping.  What happens next when she got to know the truth? That forms the rest of the story.

Academy award winner Brie Larson, Scott Bakula, Donald Sutherland, Utkash Ambudkar played key roles in the film.  Manchu Lakshmi played the role of ‘Sita’, a village lady.  The film unit has released a new trailer recently and Manchu Lakshmi shared the information through her Twitter account.  She tweeted that “My next Hollywood project coming to the theatres near you.. #BasmatiBlues”.

Basmati Blues is slated for release on February 9.  The makers are planning to release on a large scale in India on a large scale. Watch the trailer here.

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