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Very Bad Time For This Heroine!

Everybody is in Sankranthi festival mood now.  But a heroine is in such a situation she can’t enjoy the festival atmosphere.  Forget about enjoying the festival, she has to go to the police.. attend the enquiry during the festival season.

She is none other than Malayali beauty Amala Paul who is popular in Telugu and Tamil.  She landed into troubles in tax evasion case, as she registered her luxury car in Pondicherry with a fake address even though her residence is in Kerala.  Malayalam hero Fahad Fazil is also facing the same issue.  Police have investigated the case and found out that these actors produced fake documents to evade tax.

Fahad has applied for anticipatory bail in the case and received the bail.  When Amala Paul applied for the bail in the same court, her bail petition was rejected.  The Kerala High Court asked her to attend the enquiry before the Kerala Crime Branch officers on January 15 between 10 am to  1 pm.  When everybody is enjoying Sankranthi holidays Amala has to appear for the police questioning.

తప్పకుండా షేర్ చేయగలరు....